It has recently come to light that workers within theatre are being expected to work even though they have COVID symptoms. Unions across the board are receiving worrying reports about staff being asked to compromise Health and Safety. Whilst it is recognised that the industry is under incredible pressure due to Omicron variant, no worker either crew or cast should be put at risk.

All workers should raise concerns with their workplace, through their line manager, workplace Covid supervisor, HR or Union official. All workers are entitled to and should be encouraged to request copies of risk assessments.

It is not advised or encouraged to refuse to work in the first instance, if you cannot get the issues resolved through normal channels and you think you are in imminent danger then you should contact your Union for advice. You can also make a complaint under the Health and Safety Executive whistleblowing procedure.

For those who are BECTU members please contact them directly at: 020 7346 0900

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