Protecting the public in venues should always be paramount. Recently it has been announced by the government that legislation will be introduced for theatres and public venues to be given responsibility for protecting their patrons from terrorist attacks.

I am sure that most of you will find the idea quite reassuring. However, I think it can already be difficult for local theatres to make a satisfying response to this, especially where the venue is run by volunteers.

Running a volunteer organisation in any industry can be hard, there is a lot of work that has to go into maintaining the workforce by carefully managing the responsibility of the volunteers without making them feel they are being worked like slaves. Also, if the those running the organisation are also volunteers, for them it’s about making it all as easy as possible for the others, so it’s easy just to cut corners just to keep things easy for volunteers, this often mean doing things at a minimum amount of work, which can put the organisation at a higher risk.

But I do think that protection and security of staff, volunteers, cast and crew should be something given, even before the idea of bringing in legislation for it to be done. But these should never just be a bit of paper and tick box exercise, it all needs to be actively managed on a daily basis. Even in workplaces, especially if the staff are not really interested in the job, then corners are cut, and if the managers don’t have the right skills, then compliance returns to being just a bit of paper, putting the business at risk.

So yes, venues and theatres should have the responsibility to protect those who use their building, but I think maybe there needs to be clear guidance and training available to ensure it is delivered on correctly.

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