The works of Shakespeare have been celebrated in so many different way over the years. I find that work that was written and performed in a time where white males dominated society, has become some of the most diverse works of all times.

We all still need a love story and a bit of comedy in our lives, we can all associate with tragedy and corruption in the world. The basic themes from William Shakespeare, whilst locked in the language of his time, connect with todays society as much as they did then he first wrote them.

This is what is known as timeless classics, Les Miserable is another important story. But so often today when audiences go to see these performances they view the show as nothing more then entertainment. The history and underpinning message within the story is overlooked as nothing more then a good theme.

Each script and score is written with a purpose, so many have underpinning stories that are meant to make audiences think as they reflect on the performance. I think that sometimes long running shows do lose their meaning and become nothing more then a good bit of entertainment.

All this I think raises the importance of taking risks on new works. It is these works that bring out the current issues of the day. During this pandemic, whatever personal views, I wonder how many creatives to took time out from their own work to educate their audiences on future possibilities?

New works are important and they are risky, very often they speak truth in a society that is riddled with lies. Creators are thinkers, they see beyond what is in front them in the world, on the news, on the internet. Creators look for alternatives, they look for solutions. Just like the many films that all show the many possible outcomes of a pandemic. Being a creative can’t just be about expression of self, it’s about educating as well.

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