Before the pandemic there was this common theme of lack of diversity within the Arts, sometimes dressed up as bullying or harassment. There was much said in the way of how we could change the status quo once Covid hit and the lockdowns forced closure upon the industry.

A lot of the traditional works that continue to run in places like the West End were created with for the modern culture of their days and even when they are put on in local and smaller venues often directors and producers use the stereotyping for the characterisation. Even students in drama schools have all reported systematic racism within the classroom settings.

Personally I think the problem is with a minority of individuals, and as the issues are reported and spoken about, it pushes these individuals to the side lines, making them reprimand themselves or leave. But it does make me wonder that as an industry do we need to have a central governing body that gives guidance and serve punishment for those who don’t feel obliged to be kind and fair?

But I think the real solution is new and modern works. We live in time where producers won’t take risks on new works, especially if the creator is not known, or the work is themed against current status quo. It’s this new work that will resonate with people of today, as it is the arts and varied ways it they are presented that bring about education and enable everyone to make they own decisions.

So I feel the real culprits are those who fail to take risks to commission new works, as it is these creators that can bring around real change. But what do you think?

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