Busking or Street entertainment in the UK dates back to medieval times when merchants would invite local entertainers to shop fronts, plazas or public space in an attempt to attract new business.

Today one of the most famous places you’ll find street entertainer is the West Plaza in front of St. Paul’s Church in London’s Covent Gardens, for which all buskers must have a license to entertain the public and that license has to relate to the part of city you are performing.

However, some councils like Camden have begun to make it increasingly difficult for buskers to get licenses and indeed slowly criminalising this whole art form.

There is currently a petition, if you would like to support buskers in their campaign against the street entertainment becoming extinct, please click here to sign. Also to help keep buskers in their spot in Covent Garden campaigners are raising funds to help with legal costs in their fight with The City of Westminster Council, you can donate by clicking here.

I would love to hear what you think about this. Are you a busker who has had trouble with your local council getting a license? Maybe you are someone who enjoys watching street entertainment, let me know what you how you feel about this potential threat to the art from.

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