You may have heard recently Prince Charles say that ‘Every child should have access to the arts at school’. Something that I have written lots about on this blog this year, it has also been a huge discussion point within the industry with so many campaigns being set up to support the notion.

In this short post this week I would like to list come of the campaigns that you can get involved with, whether you work in the industry or not, a teacher or even a parent. It encouraged that everyone gets involved in these campaigns.

If you have read about my latest project The Greatest Show on Earth then you will know it has its own indirect link to this campaign as it is about giving everyone an opportunity to be part of theatre, regardless of social status, race or background. To read the original post on this you can use the search bar to the right of this post ‘This is Theatre’. You can also click here to sign up to the monthly newsletters.

Other campaigns that all have useful resources include: