This a new exciting independent charity that brings together amateur theatrical groups across Somerset.

The 3 main aims are to:
1) Give groups a single place to reach out and network
2) Have a small grant scheme for groups in Somerset
3) Be central place for shared equipment across the county

Income will come from 3 main sources:
1) Membership
2) Somerset Under the Stars Event
3) Event and charity merchandise

Other possible income sources:
1) Personal donations
2) Fundraising

Governing of Theatre’s Together in Somerset will be through a board of trustees to be made up from groups and experiences from across the county.

Full creation of this organisation will take place in 4 stages:
1) First Somerset Under the Stars Event 2023 (To raise initial fund)
2) Nomination of first board (Autumn to Christmas 2023)
3) Membership opens from April 2024
4) Grants available from January 2025

If you would like to be involved in Theatres Together In Somerset or Somerset Under the Stars the please do contact me at: