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Governments across the globe have pledge billions to help theatre and the arts recover post the Covid-19 pandemic. In conjunction with this, to help the never to return to this place of uncertainty, A Ticket 2 Ride would like to introduce:

The New Greatest Show on Earth

A 5-yearly event with the single biggest aim is to be a week long international celebration of the 5 pillars that make up the creative arts:

  • Visual Arts
  • Literacy Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Multi Skilled Arts
  • Other Arts

The largest international event of it’s kind, spanning over all 5 continents, with parts televised globally. The main theme for the event will always be peace and unity, but there will also be a sub-theme.

How each phase integrates into this production (All the following include all 5 pillars of the creative arts):

Community Spirit – 7th August 2021 – 9am -5pm

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One day to celebrate the local talent of the arts in your community, giving exposure to the full range of the arts, Visual, Literacy, Performing, Multi Skilled and any Other Art forms, while raising money for the 2025 Trust Fund.

Lighting the Beacon – Annual Event – Evening event – 7.30-10.30

Keeping theatre buildings alive, this event sees a theatre in each county play host to this event. It is one big variety show bringing together some of the newest talent from that year’s Community Spirit, it travels down the country, county by county.

The Biggest Show in the Country – 3-yearly – Full days event – 8-4 and 7-10

One city plays host to this event. This is weekend long festival celebrating the arts, communities send their best talent to represent them at the event. The daytime event is spread out across the city, the evening event takes place in a stadium.

(If this event falls in the same year as The Greatest Show on Earth, it is postponed until the following year)

All profits from these events go into the 2025 Trust Fund. Click here to see more.

Click here to register your interest in joining the programme