There are some important key events for this project.

Community Spirit

An open mic style performance, giving all those interested in a career with the arts in your community the chance to show what they can do. As an organiser you may wish to invite casting director’s and agencies to do a bit of talent spotting.

This can be done as many times as the organiser wishes, monies raised are split between local arts organisations and the 2025 Trust Fund.

Lighting the Beacons

This is an annual production hosted by a Greatest Show on Earth Beacon regional theatres*. The acts for the evening will be invites from the Community Spirit programme and local artists will also be invited to display their works on site.

In this production we will be looking to also invite creators, makeup artists, set designers, techies and those who create the event on paper before it comes alive on the stage.

Casting directors and big production companies are invited a long to ‘talent spot’.

The money raised by this event is split between the theatre and the 2025 Trust Fund.

*To become a Beacon Theatre please contact us

The Biggest Show in the Country

This is the arts industries main event. Those who have performed at Lighting the Beacon will be invited to take part, while theatre equipment suppliers, costume and set hirers will all be invited to have stands. Painters, photographers, writers and other creators will also be able to showcase their work.

This production would take place in a different venue every year, in venues the size of Wembley. The profits from this will be split between the Theatre Trust and the 2025 Trust Fund.

The Greatest Show on Earth

This annual event has the same objectives the Biggest Show in the Country only on an international scale brings together the best of the best talent from right across the world into one arena.

Travelling all five continents, possibly returning to its home (the UK) once every five years or so, but even that is not guaranteed.

The profits from this performance will go into the 2025 Trust Fund.