There is so much choice and competition when it comes to local drama groups and performance organisations. What is it that really makes your group different from the next?

But despite this healthy competition between local theatre groups they are what keeps the heart of the industry beating, its where most young people start, it their first taste of being on a stage outside of school, they are great places for social and can bring entire communities together.

So what can a project like The New Greatest Show on Earth do for these organisations? To be honest not a lot, because it’s so important each group retains its identity and its roots within their community.

So can these organisations be part of this project? Of course, their are two main ways to get involved: 1) being the eyes and ears of The News Greatest Show on Earth core team, let us know when you spot outstanding talent onstage, backstage, technical or anywhere within your creative teams. The New Greatest Show on Earth project is primarily about giving ordinary people the chance to succeed in the industry.

The second way to be involved is to pick up on our Community Spirit programme. Supporting and organising the event in your own community once a year. (Go to the Project Events page for more details)