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The Get in -June 2021

This month’s video I take a break from the project and focus a little on an event in November that aims to raise money for the British Legion’s Poppy Appeal, you can click here to view that. Click here to view
As I write this email, we are all awaiting the final decision about how the UK Government will move forward with their road map to reopen the country with these COVID variations around.
The Impact of Volunteers
Many arts organisation are all set to welcome back their visitors after many venues have spent more than a year in the dark.
This closure will have had a huge impact on volunteers and volunteering, not just to organisations but individual too. This whole idea of serving your community without anything in return is beneficial physically, mentally and socially.
For those organisation who have been lucky enough to bring volunteers back after the lock downs and have been able to increase their force, are the organisations that understand the true value of serving.
Community Spirit on 7th August is about serving and volunteering, as well as giving organisations across the spectrum the opportunity to reach out and meet new potential volunteers. It also gives the opportunity for local organisation to find ways to collaborate in supporting each other when it comes to the locals volunteering. If you would like to volunteer at the Bridgwater Community Spirit please click here.
Community Spirit – The Main Event
Community Spirit is designed as an event that can be put together anywhere at short notice, as it involves as many people as want to get involved.
The welcoming of local businesses to be able to be present to meet new potently clients gives reason for funding as well as the boost to the local economy should encourage local councils to be involved.
But there is a benefit to all those who get involved, businesses, organisations, volunteers and councils. More information on my website, link at the bottom of the email.
2025 Trust Fund – The Emergency Fund
Whilst the 2025 Trust Fund is first and foremost a grant fund it will also be an emergency fund for the industry in times like of closure during this current pandemic.
There will be a set procedure for the board to activate the fund into an emergency fund, which will potentially stop all grants until further notice.
How it works as an emergency fund and what criteria is needed for it to become such, will be for the first Board of Trustees to decide. Click here to donate to fund.
Theatre Through the Years – 1918 Pandemic
The Spanish Influenza saw 50 million deaths worldwide, but very much like the current pandemic government initially leaving the decision to close venues down to management, but there was closure order put in place.
Where venues decided to keep their doors open it was rare to find any precautions were in place. Actors, musician and crew would suddenly become ill during performances. Only in Shews bury did venues close their doors after reporting 24 deaths.
So when coronavirus hits in 2020 the industry wonders why the hash restrictions are put in place. But I wonder how many actors saw opportunity for jobs in training for places for care homes or supporting public health messages?
It’s like I have said before, the industry is in all ways a public service. So learning there is a time to do what we want to do, the big West End show or the small art exhibition. But we also need to understand that there are times when we need to support others, especially on the large scale.
Get Involved
Don’t forget you to visit the website, subscribe to the YouTube Channel, but most importantly just get involved. I have recently sent out invites to join Community Spirit, volunteer, financially or just being a part of.  Come and join us as we create, The Greatest Show on Earth! If you are a media outlet and would like to pick up on anything in these emails or on the website, then please do feel free to contact me via: If you know someone who would like to join the mailing list please get them to email me using the address at the bottom of the page.

Dusting off the set and props – March email


Welcome to the March addition, the third of of my year long journey in supporting the creative industry to return to our communities in the wake of the current pandemic.

The latest announcements from the UK Prime Minister of the 22nd February regarding his road map to unlocking the economy has been welcomed by most industries, with creative being to reopening reopen from the 17th May. In case anyone has missed them, you can download the full details here.

YouTube Channel

As with previous emails this one is accompanied by a YouTube video, this month I talk about the 2025 Trust Fund, click here to watch, also subscribe to the channel to get the latest updates. You will also find my series The Paradox of the Arts here as well other videos, including the recent pre-recorded live stream that gives more information on the Community Spirit programme. 

Online Speaking Engagements

Just to remind you all that I am making myself available to speak to organisations and boards about my The Greatest Show on Earth Project and you can get involved. You can contact me through the usual channels at the bottom of the email.

Resetting the Stage

As the creative industry begins to make its plan its reopening and comeback, we need to look at ways that we can sustain ourselves going to forward. You can find out more by clicking here. As part of The Greatest Show on Earth Project I created a series of workshops that look to encourage boards and volunteers to think outside the box as we work our way back into our communities.


For those interested in being part of the Bridgewater (Somerset) Community Spirit event, whether this be part of organisation or on the day help you can now sign up through our website:

If you are thinking on putting a similar Community Spirit event in your area and would like to tap into my volunteer system, then please do get in touch through the usual channels at the bottom of email for more information.

Theatre Through the Years Medieval Years

By Medieval Europe theatre was being used as a way to educate people on the new Christian religion, with priest regularly performing to retell the celebrations of Christianity.

More widely in communities’ groups of people would perform morality plays. These were so often performed by ordinary people and organised and funded by guilds of craftsmen and merchants. Other forms of theatre were mystery and farces.

Today’s theatre still has medieval roots, including stage directions and most plays are written in ordinary everyday language. Taken from the lessons of medieval times which aimed at educating people, during this pandemic, where we can’t do what we want to do to entertain, we can go back to our roots by using our crafts to teach and educate on the current situation.

Keep Updated

I am keeping the website updated so please do keep an eye out for key information. I am also happy to hear feedback on these emails, the programmes or indeed what you are doing as the UK begins to unlock. So please do feel free to contact me at any time either through social media or email.

If you know anyone who would like to receive these emails please get them to email me through to be included, don’t forget to add this address into your contacts to stop the emails going to your junk box, as well as subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow me on social media.

Laying the Foundations – February Email

Welcome to February’s email. For those of you who are new on the mailing list these emails are all accompanied by a YouTube video which you can find by clicking here, the theme this month is Volunteering. Don’t forget to subscribe and press the bell for the latest upload notifications. So, January brought the UK into another lockdown, meaning all venues are forced into yet another closure, so not a good start to the New Year, is probably an understatement. But focusing on the positives, we have seen lots of people showing their support for the arts, wanting theatres reopened, because they know, like we do just how much the creatives impact have on their communities and individual lives.
Look Forward
Like with many businesses during the current COVID situation, I am not able to offer up a full list of services. However, I am happy to speak via Zoom to board, staff and volunteers about the project and the 2025 Trust fund. It will give you an idea how you can get involved and how it could potentially impact you and your local community. I’m charging a small fee of £10 per engagement, this will be placed in the 2025 Trust Fund. If you would like more information, please feel free to email me or message me through the Facebook page or direct message on Ingram both profiles are @at2rentertainment.
Supporting Local
I think what we are learning from the pandemic is that we need to think small, over the last couple of decades or so we have seen this idea of nationalisation and globalisation. Where businesses become corporate and set up as many outlets across the country, some individuals owning more than one of these businesses and employing thousands of people. I think 2020 has shown that this model really doesn’t work, how many of national chains put in requests of funding from the government or investors? How many people lost jobs as a result of these businesses closing down? So right in the heart of these hard times, when unemployment is high and funding is scares and people are looking to find ways to make a difference, as an industry this is our moment, we are at the heart of every community, a concept that I spoke about on video in latter part of 2020, you can find them on my YouTube channel. So, let’s encourage people to be creative it’s what we do best as an industry, connecting people with their inner selves through imagination. Pre pandemic the creative industry enjoyed thousands of hours of support from volunteers who showed the love for our industry by helping to making it happen in their own communities.
The 2025 Trust Fund
Don’t forget to donate to the 2025 Trust fund. Over the course of the year through these emails and videos, you will learn more about the Trust Fund and what it means to the industry, also how you can get involved, both in terms of fundraising and being part of the strategic planning that will give accountability for ensuring the money arrives where it is due and on time. Click here to donate.
Community Spirit
In 2018 a £4.5 million program was launched by the UK Health Secretary that would see the arts put on prescription from doctors in an attempt to tackle health issue such as depression, social isolation and even those with complex needs. Activities include drama, singing, visiting museums and creative reading. These were not about replacing, but instead to be worked alongside conventional therapies and medicines. I think that even with the current restrictions we should still be able to fulfil this role within our communities by whatever means we can. The review on this incentive in December 2020 showed how positive the impact Arts on Prescription has become. Maybe this is a starting point to bring our audiences back to our venues, it will also bring new unsung talent to light. As we recover from the pandemic, we need become proactive and explore new, inclusive and engaging ways to reach out to our communities, things we have never dared to try before. The Community Spirit programme is about sharing in each other’s ideas, because the lockdowns during this pandemic have shown, we need to move forward in our approach because government is not going to jump at supporting as part of its response. So, as an industry we need find ways to support people who suffer with isolation and other mental health issues, as we have heard this is worse than ever during this lockdown. Plus, there will always be away to link those programmes to our main aims and objects. As a way of sharing and networking I have created a Community Spirit group on Facebook, you can join by clicking here. There are also local versions of the group that you are welcome to join via the same means. Don’t forget in August I am hoping to launch the Community Spirit main event (COVID pending) which is a fundraiser for the 2025 Trust Fund and the opportunity for the industry to seek out hidden talent within our communities. Finally, though the plans for the Main Event have currently stalled slightly due to the uncertainty of the pandemic’s restrictions and length of lockdown, we are opening registration for those wishing to volunteer in the Bridgwater event on the 22nd February, please head to If you are putting on your own version of this event and decide that you would like to tap into my volunteer system to for recruitment, please get in touch through the usual channels to find out how.
Theatre Through the Years – The Beginning
It’s important that as an industry we never forget where we have come from, because there are lessons embedded in our past that will help us in our future and it holds the keys to our road out of this pandemic. So here in the UK theatre started as a set of traditional rituals performed by Celtic and Pagan cleric, but real theatre as we know was created in Greece, comedy and plays were first performed in 6th century BCE. It was developed as it made its way through Europe, like the Olympic flame, arriving in the UK around the 5th Century, where over the cause of 2000 years we have adopted, developed and changed it to what we know today. In this time of uncertainty, where the industry is forced to a standstill, we need to stop, take stock and return to our roots. Not to Greece, but to the way we sold it the whole entertainment thing to the crowds, both as audience and participants, by going out into the community and doing what we love more. The 21st century extends the community around us as we meet and find people online who share in our own personal unique creativity.
Final Thought
Keeping in touch is so important as we begin this long road to recovery. I find there is nothing more uplifting then hearing both positives and struggles from others as we share this journey together. So please do feel free to contact me at any time either through social media or email.   Networking and supporting each other is more important than ever before, but the industry will get through this, we will come back bigger, better and stronger than ever.   If you know anyone who would like to receive these emails please get them to email me through to be included, don’t forget to add this address into your contacts to stop the emails going to your junk box, as well as subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow me on social media.

Setting the Stage – January Email


Happy New Year let’s hope this year is better than the last. As part of my ongoing project, I am also posting YouTube videos that accompany these emails, click here to watch and subscribe.

It has been a while since I have got round to writing to you, but I think all of us can typically be forgiven for not keeping up regular contact with our supporters through these strange, unprecedented times. Normally these emails will be about my work in theatre and events and services I provide as a business, but I have so much I want to share that 1 email isn’t going to be enough, so I’ll give you a snippet here then spend rest of the year building on it.

Policy Update

First things first, I’m obliged to let you know that I have updated my privacy policy in accordance with GDPR and Brexit, you can find a copy by clicking here. It does cover these emails both on this system and the new system I’ll be moving too this autumn. It also covers use of all aspect of the websites produced as part of the A Ticket 2 Ride Entertainment Group.


I’m John Cole, I have spent more than 30 year being part of the creative industry. I now run A Ticket 2 Ride Entertainment Event Support Services here in Somerset. Through my experiences in theatre and the creative industry I created The New Greatest Show on Earth Project. Which is the theme for this month’s video, use the link above to view and subscribe.

Setting the Stage

I don’t think I need to mention how hard it is for the creative industry living through these unprecedented times and we are far from beginning a proper recovery, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about the immediate future. During the latter part of 2020 I created a series on YouTube called ‘The Paradox of the Arts’, which gives my vision and hope for the industry. Use the link at the bottom of the email to watch.

2025 Trust Fund

Money has been high on the agenda for the industry through the pandemic and rightly so with a slow response from government. So I decided I would set up a charity that is run by the industry for the industry.

This is a grant fund for the future, it will also be the emergency fund for mass closures in the future. A fund the industry doesn’t have right now.

Now typically many people decide only to donate to an established fund or a fund that is run by someone they know, and the money is immediately available for its beneficiaries. But I think it is fair to say that these are not typical times.

Because of what has happened during this pandemic, because of the slow response of support from the government, because many theatres are threatened with closure, because many freelances have suffered financially, would it be wise for the creative industry to come together now and have a plan for the next time? Because its not a case of ‘if there’s a next time’ it’s a case of ‘when is the next time’ and will be we be ready?

The 2025 Trust Fund, it will create certainty the next time the creative industry is forced into mass closure or having work with restrictions, but our freelances and theatre staff will all know it’s business as usual in the knowledge of a contingency fund. More information is available on my website. But for this to be successful the fundraising starts now, and you can donate today, click here.

Community Spirit

The 2025 Trust Fund won’t just rely on personal donations of course, it has an annual fundraiser. In August 2021, I will hopefully put on the very first Community Spirit (COVID pending).

This fundraising event’s main objective is to be the opportunity for the creative industry to search out new talent within local communities.

Many very talented working-class people are left out of the limelight as it becomes hard to find opportunities. Community Spirit is a fringe festival on your doorstep. It covers all five areas of the arts: visual, literacy, performing, multi skilled and all other forms. There’s more information on my website, if you would like to put your own local version of Community Spirit please to get in touch by replying to this email.

Final Thought

Keeping in touch is so important as we begin this long road to recovery. I find there is nothing more uplifting then hearing both positives and struggles from others as we share this journey together. So please do feel free to contact me at any time either through social media or email.

Networking and supporting each other is more important than ever before, but the industry will get through this, we will come back bigger, better and stronger than ever. If you know anyone who would like to receive these emails please get them to email me through to be included, don’t forget to add this address into your contacts to stop the emails going to your junk box, as well as subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow me on social media.