Happy New Year let’s hope this year is better than the last. As part of my ongoing project, I am also posting YouTube videos that accompany these emails, click here to watch and subscribe.

It has been a while since I have got round to writing to you, but I think all of us can typically be forgiven for not keeping up regular contact with our supporters through these strange, unprecedented times. Normally these emails will be about my work in theatre and events and services I provide as a business, but I have so much I want to share that 1 email isn’t going to be enough, so I’ll give you a snippet here then spend rest of the year building on it.

Policy Update

First things first, I’m obliged to let you know that I have updated my privacy policy in accordance with GDPR and Brexit, you can find a copy by clicking here. It does cover these emails both on this system and the new system I’ll be moving too this autumn. It also covers use of all aspect of the websites produced as part of the A Ticket 2 Ride Entertainment Group.


I’m John Cole, I have spent more than 30 year being part of the creative industry. I now run A Ticket 2 Ride Entertainment Event Support Services here in Somerset. Through my experiences in theatre and the creative industry I created The New Greatest Show on Earth Project. Which is the theme for this month’s video, use the link above to view and subscribe.

Setting the Stage

I don’t think I need to mention how hard it is for the creative industry living through these unprecedented times and we are far from beginning a proper recovery, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about the immediate future. During the latter part of 2020 I created a series on YouTube called ‘The Paradox of the Arts’, which gives my vision and hope for the industry. Use the link at the bottom of the email to watch.

2025 Trust Fund

Money has been high on the agenda for the industry through the pandemic and rightly so with a slow response from government. So I decided I would set up a charity that is run by the industry for the industry.

This is a grant fund for the future, it will also be the emergency fund for mass closures in the future. A fund the industry doesn’t have right now.

Now typically many people decide only to donate to an established fund or a fund that is run by someone they know, and the money is immediately available for its beneficiaries. But I think it is fair to say that these are not typical times.

Because of what has happened during this pandemic, because of the slow response of support from the government, because many theatres are threatened with closure, because many freelances have suffered financially, would it be wise for the creative industry to come together now and have a plan for the next time? Because its not a case of ‘if there’s a next time’ it’s a case of ‘when is the next time’ and will be we be ready?

The 2025 Trust Fund, it will create certainty the next time the creative industry is forced into mass closure or having work with restrictions, but our freelances and theatre staff will all know it’s business as usual in the knowledge of a contingency fund. More information is available on my website. But for this to be successful the fundraising starts now, and you can donate today, click here.

Community Spirit

The 2025 Trust Fund won’t just rely on personal donations of course, it has an annual fundraiser. In August 2021, I will hopefully put on the very first Community Spirit (COVID pending).

This fundraising event’s main objective is to be the opportunity for the creative industry to search out new talent within local communities.

Many very talented working-class people are left out of the limelight as it becomes hard to find opportunities. Community Spirit is a fringe festival on your doorstep. It covers all five areas of the arts: visual, literacy, performing, multi skilled and all other forms. There’s more information on my website, if you would like to put your own local version of Community Spirit please to get in touch by replying to this email.

Final Thought

Keeping in touch is so important as we begin this long road to recovery. I find there is nothing more uplifting then hearing both positives and struggles from others as we share this journey together. So please do feel free to contact me at any time either through social media or email.

Networking and supporting each other is more important than ever before, but the industry will get through this, we will come back bigger, better and stronger than ever. If you know anyone who would like to receive these emails please get them to email me through info@aticket2ride.co.uk to be included, don’t forget to add this address into your contacts to stop the emails going to your junk box, as well as subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow me on social media.